Social maps for groups of friends

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Ria Blagburn
Team Integrator, Vanti
I like the concept behind this - you can add 'dots' to maps to share locations with your friends also using the app. Handy for pinpointing locations relevant to your social group, like a potential new spot for after work cocktails, or the exact place your friend fell over when he was drunk. Or both.
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Karina BanadisyevaSMM, Poem LLC
@riaface it's actual just for Friday!
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Chris Prescott
Head of Product, Mixcloud
Best version release notes ever! Have a read on the App Store.. or maybe I should just post them here: "What's New in Version 1 We'll it should delight you that our API guy, after weeks of working non-stop finally changed his underwear. It sure as hell delighted us, we had to sit in the same room as him. Another thing that changed is our minds about chicken and waffles. It seemed like a weird idea at first, but after having eaten them for weeks (we're a startup, we buy our food in bulk to cut costs) it grew on us. And if you think we found it weird, imagine the chicken's feelings. She's being accompanied by her offspring beaten into a homogenous mass with milk and than baked into a weird chequered-shaped cookie. We also changed some things on the app itself. For starters we made it 1, work, 2, awesome, 3, even more awesome, and to top it all of we used two-sided pixels so that should the back of your iPhone have been transparent, you would have been able to see a mirror image of the app. That's a world's first right there folks! What still needs to change, and where you can help us with, is my wife's mind on how much longer she's putting up with me going off on wild endeavours such as dot. As it stands I have a few weeks left before I need to get back to my restaurant job as a dishwasher. So download, use, enjoy and tell your friends about dot. I'm allergic to peanuts and it's a Thai restaurant."
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Kristel Von Skaren
product guy, dot
Thanks for submitting. We set out to build a location platform without a set purpose so that everyone would start using it in their own way. Using it just for Fridays sounds like fun ;) In short what we want to do is do for the 'here' what Twitter did for the 'now'. It's obviously still a bit rough around the edges, but we're hard at work at getting the next version (also on Android) out there. Next version should include: Social logins and following. Starring comments to determine the order in the 'Popular' tab. Alerts and notifications screen. A few curated accounts like @thisdotinhistory (other ideas welcome), who would be suggested in the onboarding. Better UX. More precise positioning of dots. Tips on what should be improved are more than welcome!
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