Dossiers by Contacts+

Automated attendee briefs for your Google Calendar meetings

Dossiers fills in the details about your Google Calendar meeting attendees. Use Dossiers to:

- Get a daily email with your overview for the day

- Have attendee briefs linked in your events

- Record & auto transcribe voice notes for each meeting

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Hello Product Hunters, and thanks, Brad. We are excited to share Dossiers with you today! I’m Travis, a co-founder at FullContact and worked closely with @mattdelliott to build Dossiers. FullContact Dossiers adds a link to your Google Calendar events with a briefing on each of the attendees so that you have information on your upcoming meeting at your fingertips. It is also tightly coupled with your FullContact address book so that private contact information, tags, and notes are surfaced to you in the dossier. We’ve been users of a few similar products over the years but felt like they fell short in a few ways. We wanted a single, clean place where anyone attending the meeting could view the dossier so that everyone is prepared. We feel that there are numerous sources of insights that could be added to the briefings and while many of these will be coming in the future, our first was exposing private contact data from your address book to your view of the briefing. We also feel like in leveraging FullContact’s API’s we have one of the better data sources available in powering a product like this. It’s free to use so check it out and let us know what you think!
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Thanks for all the feedback on our first release of Dossiers. We've taken your comments into account and are excited to share some updates with you. Starting today, you'll notice the Daily Dossier email has a new look and feel. We've also applied some of these visual changes to the web view. Dossiers is a project we continue to iterate and improve upon, so please continue to share your suggestions with us!
this really is a cool idea, how many times looking up profiles while running to meetings! great job guys look forward to using this!
@lexi2017 Thanks Alexei!
What's next in terms of insights that you're hoping to add to the Dossier?
@vasu_nadella great question! We have actually prototyped a few that we are using internally to better understand who our own customers are. But you could imagine things like: Billing systems such as Stripe / etc - Is this attendee a paying customer? What billing plan are they on? How long have they been a customer? Support Systems - Has the attendee filed a support request with us recently? What was the request, etc.? CRM Systems - Is this person a lead/contact? Has someone else in my organization been talking with them and what have those conversations been? Email - when/what were my recent emails with this person? Phone/SMS - when is the last time we talked by phone? I think there are numerous cases like this but this is the flavor of what we are thinking! If anyone has ideas or votes, leave them here in the comments as we would love any feedback.
@vasu_nadella @travis_todd I would love to see any kind of intra-company communication so that I don't speak off context, especially when Im not a big company. I would also love to see who amongst my network knows the person well.
@vasu_nadella @rarjunpillai Absolutely, like Salesforce activity data as an example.
I started using these a few days ago and think they're great - nice work! My only feedback would be to change the font, as I have a slightly hard time reading it (ex:
@jjudge Thanks for the feedback and trying it out Jeff! We've received the same feedback from a few others as well, so we will get that changed / improved!
Good concept. Any chance of integration with Office?
@pvantees Thanks! We'll see how this one goes and possibly give it consideration in the future.