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Cool product. What is the posting limit for tumblr?
@jamesknaus Thanks! We don't currently have one, other than any that Tumblr may impose via their API :)
I'm the founder of DoSocial - just wanted to say that we're super committed to adding new and unique features that help with your social marketing. So if you have any ideas for stuff you want to see, don't hesitate to ask :) We've already got neat stuff like Sharesly ( and Trending Content ( Much more to come!
@im_kane cool product. What would is the difference between buffer and Dosocial?Seems your a bit higher in price, however you guys have a few more connected networks.
@jamesknaus Great question! Although the core functionality is similar to Buffer (you can either manually post to your social channels, or hook up an RSS feed, and schedule when you want things to go out), we have some features that are different / unique, like Sharesly, Trending Content (which they have now but are apparently removing soon), and the ability to add Facebook Page tabs for Twitter and YouTube. With Sharesly you can even do retargeting for Facebook / Google / Twitter ads, which we've seen some pretty impressive results so far from our testing.
Love this tool. I've been using Do Social for a few months and find it a huge time saver.