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DoSheets makes your team super productive by organising all your discussions, files, web clips, task lists, meeting notes and documents at one place.
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We created DoSheets after a​ year of CoBeats which we also launched today. We were fed up with existing Project Management tools as they were trying to do either one thing or too many things, making it either useless for business or complex. DoSheets has all the tools you need to run a small-medium​ business: Discussions, Tasks, Files, Bookmarks, Notes and our most loved feature called Meetings. DoSheets is part of CoBeats Inc. which is a new kind of company. There are certain promises we felt we must make to our users, which includes us: - There will be no ads on our platform, ever. - Your data will never be sold to any third party. - The service will run for 10 years at the minimum. - All financial data related to the product will be released every 6 months.
Looks good. Congrats on the launch !
@mikedane7 Thanks. Do try our other product as well, that we launched today
Simple and straight forward. Congratulations.
@samuel_ladapo Thanks. Check out our other product that we launched today CoBeats.
Looks really interesting. Congratulations on the launch, Devesh and team. In the words of famous scientist Ali G, "Big up yourself".
@syed_asrarullah Thanks Syed. Check out the product as well.
create company validation error doesn't display
What is the name of the company you’re trying to create?
@imknight Stuck on company creation page in sign up flow, no way back or forward, no error messages, etc.
@juhaszhenderson is validation error that they didn't display, can't have special char for your url slug
@onosmosis is the validation error you didn't display, so user won't know whats wrong and stucked
@imknight @juhaszhenderson Sorry for the trouble. Can you tell us what company name you are trying to create?