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Tested & purchased in all of 5 minutes. So, "the game" - it worked! Could not help but purchase the BB Dakota Plaid jacket (retails at $145) for the lowest price the platform allowed ($79, tried a couple times & the 2 min. timer is definitely unexpected). And with the 30% Product Hunt code... I felt almost bad! Then again, I just spent $50 πŸ˜“ In the name of testing & supporting products on Product Hunt! πŸ˜… cc: @rrhoover While I scored a great deal, does my purchase make the brand, and more importantly DoseNYC, any money?! Curious about the economics, please share what you can!
@suzywillow purchases via Product Hunt should count as a double upvote. New feature, coming soon. 😜
@suzywillow Thanks for your support, and your question! Right now we don't make money off of the actual sales on our site - what we track is data, and how much people are willing to pay for products. In this case, the question we're answering for brands is: if you're going to sell your item at a discount, what price should you charge to maximize your profits? We also plan on rolling out a survey feature after each purchase to provide brands with more consumer insights. While we're starting off with selling products at a discount, we're planning on expanding into fashion that has yet to launched / made. We would offer an A/B testing platform that allows brands to: fine-tune their product before launch, pick the perfect price for a product, or even figure out what product to make next. Hope this answers your question!
Hi Product Hunters! We're a new e-commerce site that makes shopping online more engaging, and gives you the chance to score major deals on high-quality fashion. While we currently only sell women's apparel, we'll be expanding into men's - so stay tuned!
It's fun to bid what you would want to pay for each piece. It creates a game and makes you want to buy the item even more! Definitely taps into some competitive subconscious and tells me 'I NEED THIS'. Good work on that @martajamrr ! You've done a great curation of brands, though limited. Can you tell us about your plan moving forward for securing brands and growing the site?
@jacqvon Absolutely, thanks for the question! The collection of items is currently limited but we're adding new items each week and looking to expand our collection as quickly as we can. We're bringing in more pieces from the brands we already feature, and introducing pieces from new brands every week. We're also trying to balance providing a well-rounded curation of items without making the shopping experience overwhelming (which is how I personally feel when visiting other large retail sites) - hopefully we will be able to find a happy medium! :)
Might consider moving home for this! Absolutely love the idea, and looking forward to seeing you grow with more and more customers, brands, and stylists!
@marietatibouet Thanks so much, Marie - that means a lot! We really appreciate it!
Nice! Just in time to do a little Christmas shopping :D
@grizzwithak Hi Kris, thanks so much for placing an order - due to overwhelming demand we've been experiencing some sell-outs on the site, and our ordering system has not been keeping pace. Really sorry for the inconvenience, and feel free to reach out to us directly if there's any way we can help. We just sent you a message with more details.
@martajamrr @grizzwithak πŸ˜“ Okay, thanks. Maybe I'll check back next week to see if there's anything new.