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Looks interesting, but I'm trying to login with the demo user but I can't (invalid username or password). Can you check if anybody change the pass or there are any errors? Thanks!
@ricardpanades Same here. I assume someone changed the credentials... :/
@ricardpanades Hey, Sorry for that, looks like someone has changed those credentials within demo account. However, it works now so you can try it. Let me know what you think.
@madebyues It should work now ;)
@tomaspeniasko It works now. Looks interesting but I feel that have poor usability, simply I don't feel comfortable using it, I think that is because there are many steps to do something simple as add a block of content, or edit a text. The tool looks clean, but in my humble opinion is not as simple as expected. As I say it's only my opinion. Good work and wish you the best! ;)
About the design... am I the only one who thinks is way too similar to squarespace?
@chusmargallo Apparently you are not. But I see it as we use the similar style, which does not belong to any company. And people seem to like it.
@chusmargallo I came here to see if anyone else had the same thought. Even the logo at a quick glance made me question if this was a Squarespace subsidiary. @tomaspeniasko You are taking the wrong approach by saying this style doesn't belong to any company. In the minds of people looking for a website builder this style belongs to Squarespace in their mind. Squarespace and Wix I would assume own the majority of mindshare when it comes to site builders so you would probably be best server to not look like them at all. You want to Dorkoy to stand out on its own, not just remind people that maybe they should go back and checkout Squarespace.
@chusmargallo I couldn't agree more - everything down to the logo screams Squarespace
Inspired by :) ?
@nypple Hey, Well I won't lie here, we have seen imcreator before, but I wouldn't say we were inspired by it. But we like how it works since its similar to Dorkoy
Hi, everyone. Today, I'm presenting you Dorkoy. Dorkoy makes it easy and fun to build websites in minutes. With Dorkoy, you can create landing pages, product pages, stories or fully packed websites for all kind of content. It allows you to personalize your website as much as you need, so your website will not look like a template. The key point that makes Dorkoy different from its competitors is simplicity. Other website builders are full of unused features and outdated elements. By the way product hunters, you can get it at the better price with this promo code "produthunt" at web: fb: tw:
There are lots of options for non-technical people to build websites now :) What's so awesome about Dorkoy that beats the other options?
@bentossell Hey Ben, The main problem with most website builders is that as they grow, they gain useless features and are not simple to use anymore. And thanks to those features, they are not able to make radical changes and so on. We want to provide service that is as simple as building lego bricks but at the same time, it will be useful as hell. Also, we come in multiple languages in smaller markets (like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland) where there are not such builders with local support... Hope it does make sense. If not, hit me a message ;)
@tomaspeniasko @bentossell good answer. Here's a devil advocate follow up question: what will happen when you have a lot of success and get asked to add X,Y or Z feature for big customers? Aren't you going to follow the same route as the other platforms?
@jipiboily @bentossell Hey, That's the tricky question. However, we can add many features to our service for a single client. So if some big customer will ask for features that would not be beneficial for others, we will add them just for him. Does it make sense?
@tomaspeniasko @jipiboily @bentossell That doesn't scale at all because then you are managing separate features across different clients. This also affects the UI and one feature may require a certain look/UX while another requires another. The best approach would be to just say your software is opinionated and you believe what you've created is the best way to go about doing it for the majority of people. If one client is asking for something that nobody else wants, then tough luck for them.
@scrivs @tomaspeniasko @bentossell I agree that feature flagging doesn't work at scale. It can work for a feature here and there if you really need to, but in general it's a bad idea on the long term IMHO. I wish Dorkoy the best. Tricky situation to be in to focus on simplicity, you've gotta keep it to keep your initial customers.