Doppler for iPhone

A better offline music experience for iPhone

#5 Product of the DayApril 12, 2018

Doppler is a better offline music experience for iPhone

  • Hap
    HapMobile Game Community Manager

    Clean, beautiful design, that fits the mood of whatever album you're on.



    Been waiting a while for this to come out, love that there was zero time spent having to manually transport my music over from an app I hate. Downloaded and immediately ready to go.

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  • David Léonard
    David LéonardHead of Projects and Developments Center

    Ability to import music files directly from Safari with action extension🤩


    No iCloud sync and no iPad app 😒

    It is still impossible for iOS to import music files such as MP3 or podcasts directly into iTunes. Here comes Doppler with its action extension either when an audio file is already loaded or not.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting @edwellbrook I have Spotify premium so I can listen to what I want offline, why switch to Doppler? 🎧
Ed Wellbrook
Ed WellbrookMaker@edwellbrook · Designer and Developer
@abadesi The first version of Doppler is designed for people who don't use streaming services, so you probably wouldn't want to switch over entirely. People who use Spotify still use Doppler for listening to music not on Spotify though! In the future I'll be adding support for importing your Spotify library, so you'll have everything in one place. Cheers! 😄
Hap@hapfieverafter · Mobile Game Community Manager
@abadesi I am also a die-hard Spotify evangelist, and premium subscriber. I made the switch after a decade on iTunes and never looked back. Issue is, I spent an entire redbull-fuelled weekend having to recreate all my playlists, and even then they were incomplete thanks to tracks I'd gotten from friends, from special downloads, or unreleased recordings. I also have a lot of friends that make music, and I can't import their files in Spotify. I've been waiting for Doppler to come out, so I can finally listen to all my OG playlists, without having to spend any time uploading or transferring, AND, most importantly (and the reason I dont use Apple Music) in an app that is simple and elegant.
Manuel@mahnouel · Another regular
Any plans to automatically recognize really long audio and put it somewhere sperate? All my podcasts were imported 😅
Gorgeous design!
ronin.@roninwood · Linkedin User
Maybe this is completely out of the scope or concept but would you ever consider supporting dropbox? App looks great BTW!
I like your design and the user interface, the simpler the better I would say! As for me, the whole idea of music offline is totally my thing.