Celebrations and gifting discovery engine

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate your thoughts. I can understand how you might consider this a novelty product, so I should probably give some feedback and say that at Doppels, the 'point' to this, is to create a platform that celebrates YOU and how unique you are in relation to people, places and products around you, by using your precise birthdate as a unique identifier. Doppels day, (The product/Nearby Feed) allow's the entire community (of 365 Doppels) to reach out to you on your special day, not *just* because it's your birthday, but because your birth story and statistics offer the community new insight and compatibility beyond location age, physical characteristics and other common connections. You'd be surprised at how many people in this world do actually find sharing a birthdate to be a special connection and how two persons date of birth play a huge part in their desire to connect. Whilst this may not be for you, yet, there is a massive global market of people who find birthday connections, joint celebrations and random acts of joy, hugely appealing and interesting. Yes, our aim IS to create a fun product but we are working hard to create a localized 1st class discovery experience that will provide our community with intelligence and thoughtful new opportunities to wish, gift and connect on a daily recurring basis. We are here to stay and I look forward to the challenge ahead of convincing you and many, many others to join us on Doppels to discover your birthday twins and experience the joy of a Doppel's day celebration. Can I just say thanks again for your feedback and congratulate you Ben and the team on product hunt. A fantastic product that allows ideas to be discussed and validated. Cheers! *M@
@matthagger I do believe your idea is good, but should admit it is quite raw for the moment. There is much product development job to be done, more features to be added, cause just seeing and chatting with people who have the same birthday as you isn't enough for a stand alone app. For example, it would be great to focus on functionality which would let me merge birthday parties: meeting new people and making new friends.
@aramiggs that's brilliant feedback and I truly appreciate your input. As present we have just launched the product but have defined a very exciting roadmap for the future. At this moment we are validating the idea and understanding who are customers are. We will then find out what they would like us to build. Please e-mail me at with any suggestions you might have for the product. We look at everything that comes in. And thanks for your support and ideas. Merging birthday parties and the interaction of guests attending is an exciting prospect!
@matthagger @doppels My pleasure :) Keep it up! Will e-mail you in case of any new ideas. Good luck!
@sholtaway Spencer that is wonderful there's always 1 in 365 chance of that happening :-) I'm March 14th and my partner is March 23rd. Best Wishes to you!
@matthagger 1 in more than 365, same year! :-)
Personally I don't think there is a need for a standalone app like this. Facebook and even Timehop can implement something like this. I've not herd many/any examples of people becoming friends because they share a birthday and I actually wouldn't want to receive an inauthentic "Happy Birthday" from someone I don't know - what's the point? Also I can just Ask Siri "What celebrities were born today?" and it gives me a list - not the only use case for this app but if anything I'm sure this is what the majority would be looking to find out.
@bentossell Agree entirely. Yes it might be cool to find out who you share a birthday with, but beyond novelty value I don't see what your product is offering. You'd get far wider coverage with a web-site rather than an app that is available only on iPhone!