Wearable technology to keep calm and focused, naturally.

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Hi, I'm Jack, one of the creators of doppel. Please ask us anything you'd like to know about it! To give a bit of background, we are a team of Designers, Engineers and Scientists who research in to psychophysiology to create technology that can change how people feel, behave and perceive. doppel is our first product - a wearable that can actively change how the wearer feels to make them more alert or relaxed. It doesn't set out to monitor but instead it has a direct effect on the person wearing it. It works using our innate response to rhythm. In the same way as upbeat or downbeat music, doppel can make you feel more alert or calmer. It is a completely natural and proven effect. Please ask if you want to know more!
This looks really cool, like the Apple watch. How does it compare to Thync?
@annebot Thank you! I have to say that we have not tried Thync (we're based in London and they don't seem to have made it over here yet) but the way we go about things is very different. We are using the natural psychological response to rhythm - with an external, vibrational beat on the wrist. Thync directly stimulates the nerves in your face and neck with electrical impulses. As I said two very different approaches and, I imagine, two different types of effect! We have done hundreds of tests on the effect doppel has on people and we have a blog post about the independent tests we had commissioned here doppel's effect really is similar to what you experience with music. Have you tried out Thync?
@jh00ps Thanks, I'll check out that blog post :) Yes, I have tried Thync and I found the part where I put this device on my forehead to be very weird. Your product being watch-style seems like a cooler design. I cannot wait to try this out.
@annebot Thank you, we've worked super hard on the design and how doppel will fit in to people's lives.