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VLGKMaker@goobkin · CEO at Doozyrama
Hey everyone! 👋 I'm Valentin co-founder and CEO of Doozyrama. I’m an ex-employee of such evil corps as Toyota Motor and KIA Motors🚗, where I was responsible for navigation and infotainment systems. My co-founder Julia, CTO Brad and I are excited 🙃 to share Doozyrama with you today! We build Doozyrama App to provide people with simple way to create and share awesome places without any restrictions. For sure, you can add to the global map your favorite bar 🍺, best sunset view point 🌅 or even Big Ben and everyone will see them and will check-in to your places. In Doozyrama all places are described with Emoji 😜 Who needs tons of text, when one picture paints a thousand words? Also we have covered global map with the fog 🌁 to help you see where you’ve already been and motivate you to keep going. And of course you can networking. Just invite your friends! 👯 We'd love to hear your thoughts and see you in Doozyrama. Now you have a chance to rock and squat the best places 🌋🏰🗽🏟 Check it out 📲 Thanks @jacqvon for hunting us 😘 and @nivo0o0 for inviting us to PH 😘
Julia KorovinaMaker@korovina_julia · Co-founder @doozyrama
@goobkin @jacqvon @nivo0o0 Hey guys, I’m Julia - Doozyrama co-founder. Thanks everyone for your upvotes and interest to our App! 😘 I want to share with you some info about Doozyrama features, which we implemented to turn your real-life into a game 🕹 * It was already said, that the map is covered with the fog, which is being erased as you change your location. ✨The most interesting stuff is usually beyond the fog, so keep going! * With each your action in the app you earn points 💰, which can help you to reach the top in the weekly rating and get the crown 👑. You can easily track all your achievements on one screen. * And don’t forget about Doozyheroes! ☝️ Just achieve built-in goals to unlock Heroes and have a chance to use them instead of your standard location pin. 👻 Have fun! 💃
VLGKMaker@goobkin · CEO at Doozyrama
VLGKMaker@goobkin · CEO at Doozyrama
Happy #WorldEmojiDay 🎉🎊