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DOOZY was born from a mixture of cabin fever, quiz hosting frustration and a hangover. DOOZY allows you to create and find free, fully customisable quizzes to share and play with up to 20 teams in minutes. It’s completely free and exceptionally simple to use.
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Wow, love the UI! Does this allow for live quizzes? Also, if you're willing to share, which service did you use to make the video?
@alexandra_yeo Loved the video as well and would know to know how it's made!
@alexandra_yeo Hi I created the video for Doozy, I'm the UI designer behind DOOZY, any questions let me know? Happy to answer any questions! And thanks for liking DOOZY🥰
@alexandra_yeo @suibinhong Hi mate, I put the video together in a couple of evenings, the music is stock music ( I lucked out on the music it works so well! ) And made the video in After Effects, I mainly created some reusable simple UI animations ( the background particles etc.) Then kept the video quite simple with simple scale, opacity and positioning transitions!
great and positive idea)
super fun quizes. been fun trying them solo and with friends.
Sounds interesting! Definitely will try out with friends!
Live the UX! Although I failed to pass anything, haha. To paint my illiteracy, the history quiz is too British and the design requires the _name_ of a commercial.
@visualpharm Great feedback mate, thank you for sharing! We've been moving quite quickly and are regularly going back and forth on the UX! We're creating the quizzes ourselves at the moment so you're right! Defo need to add more exciting quizzes!!!!