Doorman 2.0

Schedule package delivery and shipping pickup 'til midnight

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Hi there, I'm Zander, co-founder of Doorman. After months of white boarding and embarrassingly abstract discussion, we're thrilled to finally release the completely rebuilt Doorman iOS app, now with Returns Shipping in addition to our core Package Delivery service (get all your online shopping delivered to your front door on-demand until midnight, 7 days a week). So if those shoes we delivered don't fit, we'll also pick them up and get them shipped back for you! Kapil (CTO), Zach (Creative Director) and Kevin (iOS Engineer) dug deep to completely rethink the app - there's even a screen we internally call the Serenity Screen, because it's supposed to make you feel calm once your delivery is scheduled :) There's a ton of other new features as well, including: - Add to calendar - Delivery rating - Driver photo display - Package photo display - Branded retailer logos Would love to hear your feedback!
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Awesome product. Solving a major customer experience pain point. Everyone gets excited to receive something they order online. But when the person is not home to receive the package and then has to wait longer or finds out the package never came because someone took it then we all wish something like Doorman existed. The app is beautifully designed, carefully executed, and led by a talented group of guys. I look forward to seeing the growth of Doorman. I visualize seeing their logo all throughout NYC, San Francisco, and all the major cities very soon. They are creating a delightful experience for customers and it should be exciting to watch the team progress in the future. Cheers!
@billymauro Much appreciated!
Great product! I have seen way too many of those yellow UPS delivery notices living in SF and it has always been a nightmare to pick up my packages. I have used doorman a couple of times now and it always works perfectly and they are delivered within the 2-hour window. The first version worked fine but the redesign is a huge improvement on the entire experience. Thanks for solving this package all too common problem!
@ptynan Thank you! Great to hear that we've helped.
@zanderadell great to have you on Product Hunt. I've been using Doorman for about a year now - I love it. Your team is helpful and has done some incredible things (even delivered a package to a restaurant one evening b/c the package arrived later than it was supposed to). :-) In terms of the app, the changes are great. I like the quick visual regarding where the packages are coming from and the UI is much improved. I have a question for you about the business model. Over the course of the year, I moved from a price / package to a monthly fee. This means I am paying you less. Do you think there is a strong path to profitability?
@corleyh Psyched that you've had such a great experience with the service! And I remember that delivery to the restaurant :) Regarding the business model, you're right that the profit margin is lower per delivery, but because the monthly fee members represent recurring revenue, the lifetime value is significantly higher, and their usage increases and becomes more predictable, allowing us to run more efficient operations.
Congrats on launch! How do you pick your next cities?
@eriktorenberg Thanks! It's a combination of urban density and the amount of requests we get for certain zip codes - you can vote on your city here!