Create your own doodle video in just 60 seconds

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- Drag and Drop Doodle Video Creator for both Whiteboard and Blackboard. - Available for both Mac & PC. - Tap into royalty-free library of done-for-you scenes, characters, props, and sounds. - Export in either HD or SD format.
Is there no free trial to check it out?
@jonsamuelson Priced me out of the market on this one. Love the idea... but collectively, my tools expense is quickly exceeding my tattered bootstrap budget. ;-) Even with a free trial, I'm out at $40 per month... for now. All good though. Everyone has their business model strategy. I don't fault them for having a path to profit.
Paging doodler extraordinaire, @kikischirr. 😊
@rrhoover oh no... this is just TOO COOL!
Is this product shut down? Website isn't working?