Bring your doodles to life with AR ✨

DoodleLens turns your flat sketchpad scribbles into animated AR characters, scenes, and stories!
• Draw something
• Copy it with the camera
• Paste it back to reality
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👋 Hi Product Hunt! The story of DoodleLens begins with a Saturday night YouTube binge: While watching James Rolfe exploring his lifelong camera collection, I became entranced with a unique camcorder feature that let you easily burn monochromatic title cards into film. James, being a clever kid, used the feature to make characters, sets, and more for his one-man-show home movies. I immediately saw the parallels to AR, and inspired by what I just saw I got to work. 5 hours later I had a working prototype, which I hesitantly shared to twitter, and to my surprise it exploded. Today, I'm incredibly excited to share DoodleLens 1.2 - this update represents 3 months of non-stop work and I really can't wait for you all to try it! Thank you @sableraph, opertura, lily, theboogley, alex, dan, and the rest of the doodlefam for your feedback, assistance, and constant inspiration! 😻Can you draw a good glasshole kitty? Upload your doodle here and at the end of the day I'll combine everyone's doodles into one awesome DoodleLens art piece!
@sableraph @aidan That 3rd video is dope! And the product looks amazing, congrats!
@marie_dm_ thank you so much, Marie! Yeah I had fun making that video 😄
Big fan of DoodleLens! I particularly like the minimalist onboarding, and have had a blast even just watching what others have made on Twitter. Excellent work
@connorbowlan thank you Connor, me too!
I love everything you build!
Having a lot of fun with this. Well done!
Good stuff! Keep it up!