Doodle for Messenger

Doodle Anything and Send it on Facebook Messenger

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Evan Tana
Co-founder, Sparks
Excited to share our latest Messenger app with the Product Hunt community. We've had a lot of fun building for the platform and got inspired to build a really simple and fun collaborative drawing experience. Drawing seemed like a must have way to express yourself on the platform. So far, people are loving it. Check it out and let us know what you think. Seems simple at surface level, but under the hood it does some neat stuff to allow for friends to add and edit each other's doodles across different iOS and Android devices and screen sizes. This is also the first time we've built on Android and launched an app cross-platform from day 1.
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Rory O'Reilly
can't wait to use it :)
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Craig Barber
Founder of Logobly
This looks fun! Nice work : )
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