Doodle Draw for Messenger

Draw Something for Facebook Messenger

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One of the developers here, happy to answer any questions! Doodle Draw is also available on mobile web:
@austinhallock how did this concept come about?
@austinhallock Hey Austin, thanks for sharing! Can you shed some light on how you think facebook messenger games will change mobile gaming? Also, I haven't looked into it in depth but it seems like most games on messenger are free so how would that incentivize developers to create apps for the platform other than brand exposure.
@eriktorenberg @austinhallock brainstorming session trying to think of a game that worked well in a messenger ecosystem. Had to be turn-based and expressive, and this ended up being the best option
@mrwongsteven look into WeChat, Line and KakaoTalk to get a better idea of how things will change. (Asia is a few years ahead of us in this area)
Doodle Draw is the first "true game," for Messenger .It suggests a word, then you draw it on the screen and share it on Facebook or privately to friends on Messenger. From there, they try to fill in the blanks and guess what it is. In short, it's a simple game, exactly suited for a chat tool like Messenger.