Hey everyone! I'm one of the 2 gamedevs on Dood : The Puzzle Planet! We've been working on Dood for the past year, and it's been an amazing experience switching over from good old Flash games to a mobile-game! We wanted to make a very unique puzzle game, that gets progressively more challenging, and that you'd be able to play for weeks/months to come. The game itself is free, and is also free to win(!). As gamers ourselves we put a lot of attention to not walk into that lucrative trap. Currently the game is out on Android and will soon be available for iOS as well. Thanks for the feature! Feel free to ask us anything :)
I've been playing this game since beta and it's really addictive and gets better all the time. Game mechanics are great and it's a fun time sink when you need a break from work!
@darrenmoore Thank you Darren <3 And also for all the nice feedback in the past months!
Lucky I swapped from iPhone to Android this week! Finally something I can be smug about to my iOS loyal boyfriend :D
@paupertoprinces :D We are working on an iOS version, but for a few weeks you should be able to get far ahead scorewise :)
Looks neat - I'll download and take a proper look.
Did you guys know that "DOOD" in Dutch means Dead?
@josevanlaar Yeah! That's spoken with 2 long o's, right? The planet sounds more like "DUUUDE" though ;-) Or is it maybe the puzzle planet of death?
@mastef Yes that's correct, it makes your product funny, puzzle planet of death :)
@josevanlaar Love it! Should have a Death Metal soundtrack :D