Dood : The Puzzle Planet

A strategy puzzle game for the smart ones

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Markus Stefanko
@mastef · Dood : The Puzzle Planet ( & pitchXO )
Hey everyone! I'm one of the 2 gamedevs on Dood : The Puzzle Planet! We've been working on Dood for the past year, and it's been an amazing experience switching over from good old Flash games to a mobile-game! We wanted to make a very unique puzzle game, that gets progressively more challenging, and that you'd be able to play for weeks/months to come. The … See more
Darren Moore
@darrenmoore · Founder, Firecreek Co, Ltd and Devi.io
I've been playing this game since beta and it's really addictive and gets better all the time. Game mechanics are great and it's a fun time sink when you need a break from work!
Adam T
@adamturnbulluk · Head of Content
Looks neat - I'll download and take a proper look.
Louise Croft
@paupertoprinces · social entrepreneur
Lucky I swapped from iPhone to Android this week! Finally something I can be smug about to my iOS loyal boyfriend :D
José van Laar
@josevanlaar · General Operations, nodum
Did you guys know that "DOOD" in Dutch means Dead?