Doo 2

Reminders that work

Doo is the to-do app that forces you to focus.

Hi everyone! My name is Mike and I’m back on Product Hunt after a year of work on my reminders app Doo. Doo 2 is a major relaunch with big new features and a polished new design. The original Doo had a lot of potential. I see today as an opportunity for others to see that potentially more fully realized. The biggest new features in Doo 2 are reminder collaboration, locations, and checklists. These were actually some of the biggest requests I received, so I’m excited to finally get them out into the world 🚀 Checklists especially, combined with collaboration, add a new level of utility that didn’t exist before. Another exciting announcement is that Doo is nominated for two Webby Awards: Best Productivity App and best Visual Design – Function. I remember submitting Doo for consideration thinking it would never happen. The fact that Doo even got nominated is an honor. My plan for 2017 is to continue adding new features, including Apple Watch support. I want to make Doo the most effective, beautiful app I can while preserving the simplicity that people love. I’m grateful for the support I’ve received so far and am looking forward to seeing where Doo is in another year. Thanks for reading 😀 -Mike
Oh, I forgot to mention one thing: there's an App Preview video on the Doo website and on the App Store for anyone who might want a better sense for how the app works 📱
@mciarlo any promo codes available? :)
@garethafuller Thanks Gareth! I'm really excited at how the design continues to evolve. It's come a long way since the last time Doo was on PH.
Congrats to the team on the launch. Planning to do a full review of this one!
@francescod_ales Woop woop! Thanks Francesco! Just a heads up, the team is just me 😛
@mciarlo Ah! I've been in touch with you via email then, aha! :-) Review is being edited! Kudos Mike.
@francescod_ales Yup! I handle all the support emails :) Looking forward to your review!
My Full Doo 2 review: Impressive iOS Reminders alternative with great location reminders and gestures!
For those of you just finding Doo for the first time, here is a side-by-side with the old version. I'm constantly amazed at how much the app has grown.
That product video is blazing fast. I'm really not sure what was even happening after two watches. I think I might like this but I can't tell from the video. This is based off the Apple Reminders, is that correct? Is there any integration w/ platforms like Todoist, Wunderlist,, Google Keep?
@as_austin Thanks for the feedback Austin! It's a bit fast right now to fit the 30-second limit on the App Store, but it could definitely be slower. The goal was to show key features in motion: editing, checklists, collaboration, the list, and card stack gestures. Doo isn't based on iOS reminders. It's an independent app. There's no integration with other to-do apps since, well, they're my competition. Integration with things like calendars is something I'm paying attention to and want to investigate. I want to be sure it's done well and in a way that enhances the experience without trying to duplicate all the same functionality. A great example of this would be to show time conflicts with items in your calendar.
@mciarlo That sounds great! Thanks for the clarifications. I was under the assumption it was framed as a better ios reminders built on the back of iOS reminders. (Which I was really confused on) THANK YOU for the clarifications! I understand now. Great usage of cards! 👍
@as_austin Aww, thanks! You're quite welcome!