A smart, simple app for reminders and to-dos

Doo is the to-do app that forces you to focus.

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Hello Product Hunt! πŸ˜„ Doo is my first product since leaving my job three months ago. It's been a labor of love! I'm so excited and grateful to share it with you. Believe it or not, I started this project over four years ago. I went looking for a to-do app that would remind me to pay my bills, but everything I found was too complicated for what I wanted. I jumped into Photoshop and came up with a to-do list with big, bold cards you could swipe away. The rest is history. 😎 I'd love to get feedback on the app and the website (including feature requests πŸ‘). To see the app in action, check out the intro video below:
Cheers, Mike
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@mciarlo Congrats for the launch --- I left my job 4 months ago and am on the same ride!
@mciarlo The simplicity looks promising! Love the app icon!
@mciarlo Wonderful idea! I'm a fan of to-do apps! And it's totally something interesting and good looking in such πŸ˜„ I wish you good luck on your way! And what about pricing.. I think the price is ok. But you can share some amount of promo codes for PH usersπŸ˜„ it's only a suggestion) keep rockin
The design is nice. I seem to have an addiction to checking out new todo apps. Many users, myself included, are more inclined to use a task app if there is a sensory experience included in creating and completing mundane tasks. I think the pricing is fair – especially if the UI is clean and easy to use. We can slowly start changing the mindset of cheap apps by starting with realistically sustainable pricing from the start. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!
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@marklopresto Thanks for the kind words Mark! I knew the price would be a sticking point and I totally agree with you. I think it's worth reminding people that for less the price of a latte, you're helping to support small developers.
@mciarlo you make it sound like a charity. Users pay money for good products :)
$4.99. Come on it is 2016. It is not gonna happen...
@sashakozachuk The App Store is a race to the bottom right now in terms of price. This means that quality apps are being sold for less than they're worth. Putting it in perspective, Doo took almost 1000 hours to create. I think it's worth the price, considering its less than a single beer :)
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@sashakozachuk really don't think that $5 is a lot as long as it's worth the price of course... People will always have an angle to complain about being charged anywhere... targeted ads - don't want them, in-app purchases - don't want them, pro accounts - don't want to pay for extra features, etc etc. Unfortunately tech is becoming a place where tools are expected for nothing, or next to nothing. Businesses need to make money, to re-invest into a better experience for their users, among other things. I'd be fine paying for something if it were worthwhile. The question I'd be more inclined to ask is, for $5 what am I getting that is worth it, compared to all the many to-do alternatives I can currently find out there.
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@mciarlo 100% agreed. Support the devs!
@sashakozachuk Seems like a steal to me. Nice app @mciarlo
@mciarlo Got your point. Wish you best
While another ToDo app to add to the hundreds if not thousands seems like overkill, I am personally a big fan of the UX on this app. It seems really pleasing to the eye and easy to use.
I wrote a little behind-the-scenes look at Doo and the future of the app. πŸ˜„ You can check it out in the Medium post here: