Easy ways to help Puerto Rico's hurricane recovery

#DontForgetPuertoRico is a social project dedicated to helping Puerto Rico's hurricane recovery efforts. We enable participation in the following 3 ways:

- 3 Ways You Can Help Put a Roof Over Someone's Head .

- Hire a Puerto Rican Freelancer .

- Shop for Puerto Rican Products.

Great way to raise awareness and leverage the power of tech! Look forward to seeing where this goes.
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Hey PH, Earlier this year I went to Puerto Rico to work on a short documentary about Hurricane Maria. There I met some amazing people working on long term recovery projects. I also realized how underfunded and important these projects are. Today is the 6 month anniversary of Hurricane Maria and in collaboration with a bunch of non-profits and community leaders in Puerto Rico I'm launching #DontForgetPuertoRico The goal is to raise awareness for the fact that 10% of Puerto Rico's population has fallen into poverty since Maria struck, 11% of the island still doesn't have power, and 40% of small businesses closed. But I also wanted to make it easy for people to help. For the launch we have 3 ways to help: 1. Hire a Puerto Rican freelancer 2. Buy Puerto Rican products online 3. Donate to a long term recovery project We've also got a "Submit a Project" feature and the plan is to feature a new project every week. I also want to create a way for freelancers and business owners to create profiles too. Excited to get everyone's feedback!
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Nice blend of non profit and product! Didn’t know about orgs like Comprendetimos, feels like this could be a mix of Kiva and ecommerce, great job
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@anderson760 Oo I like the Kiva idea
great job Michael!
@conradegusa thanks Conrad! Appreciate all your support on this project :)
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This is a good reminder to myself that I can use my talents for to truly help people. Long term solutions to long term needs. A worthy cause for an awesome group of people.