Donte The Calendar

Send calendar invites using phone numbers

Donte The Calendar is an app that allows you to invite people using phone number instead of an email.

- They can still add the event to their favorite calendar.

- They don't have to have Donte installed to receive invites.

- You get notified when the participants respond to your invites.

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Should I get credit for this or nah? 😉
@donte_ll Indeed you should :) as a matter of fact, I'll be sending you a promo code to try our premium for a year, how does that sound?
Thank you @Abdellatif for hunting Donte. It was created out of frustration because I would text my friends and agree to meet or I invite them over. Then I go to my calendar create an event, but cannot add my friends to the event because I don't have their email address. Then Donte was born. You can simply invite anyone to your calendar events via the phone number. No strings attached.