Disposible credit card #, phone #, email, & more

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This is mainly a re-branding (with some new features) of MaskMe, but I'm going to post anyway, as it didn't get nearly enough love last time. I don't really care about the website tracking features (I disabled those); but the masking of your email addresses; phone number and credit card are AWESOME. I was looking for a reliable one-time use disposable virtual credit card solution and they all seem to have gone out of business, or the only decent one being Citi bank, for which you need to get a Citi credit card. This is $5 a month and AWESOME. I can mask stuff on the fly. e.g. I'm signing up to a new recruiting website; I can generate a WORKING phone number and write a note like "recruiting website"; this will forward to my normal phone number. Then if I don't like the website, I can just disable that number and it will stop working. Or (as just happened to me); I can sign up to a $1 trial product (those sort where you need to cancel after 7 days, or they charge you $30, just happened to me) and not need to worry about cancelling the subscription, as I can generate a virtual credit card number to mask my real credit card number and only assign like $5 credit to it.