Receive recurring donations faster than ever

Donorbox is a powerful fundraising software that supports the latest payment tech such as Apple Pay, low fee ach bank transfer, and Google Pay.

It helps you to quickly embed an optimized recurring donation forms on any website.

Donations can be set as one time or recurring and developers can also easily add custom form fields.

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21 Reviews4.8/5 founder here πŸ‘‹ Donorbox is a free platform for nonprofits, churches to receive donations from their donors. Check out some of our donation pages - - - (hosted forms on one of our customers) - We are proud to help various nonprofit organizations across the world. Some of the AWESOME FEATURES: - One click payment (ApplePay, Google Pay) - Supports PayPal, ACH card processing, Stripe. - Fundraising thermometers to motivate donors to help you reach the goal. - Easy to use WordPress, Weebly plugins. Many step by step tutorials to embed on any platform of your choice. - Personalized automated thank you emails to your donors. - Beautifully crafted donation pages for nonprofits. Let us know what you guys think of our platform.
@hungrycharles Cool. Saw on @StartupStudyGroup today. I may have questions.

It's time to replace a Paypal donation link I put on a site about 10 years ago.


Amazing how few donation products there are on PH. Donorbox seems to be a legit one.


Nothing I can think of

Processing fee? = This covers the 2.9% + 30c credit card processing fee from Stripe or Paypal (this fee can be reduced for registered nonprofits), as well as the 0.89% platform fee . As a reminder, organizations only have to pay the platform fee once they reach $1k in donations for a month. Very nice service will have to try it out.
@androidlove Thanks for pointing it out. We are absolutely free till you reach $1000 donation/ month.
Great i like this!
Your pricing is very attractive. Having a free tier till $1000 is very useful for budding nonprofits.
@ehgemiller434 Thank you even after the free tier. Our the total fee is only 0.89% + card processing fee. This is a lot lower than others in the space that charge 4% or more.