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Love the "try it first without registration" option, more apps should do this!
@bramk thanks! Not only increases adoption, but, believe it or not, also registrations right at that step. It's something I wanted to experiment after a talk from @nireyal and that @rrhoover must know very well as it's widely discussed in Hooked (chapter 4, don't miss this book): it's the “but you are free” technique.
BTW, we are in pre-beta (in terms of features, not in term of quality, i.e. won't crash on you :), so we didn't announce anything publicly yet, but we are looking for early beta adopters. You can read more about DoNext and the new "era of super-humans" that we are building: Feedback welcomed!
I find the copy explaining the app super hard to read, and it's butting right up against the bottom of my browser window. Maybe it's just my setup, though. Here's a screenshot:
@BelleBCooper thanks for the feedback! That's how it looks on our settings:n Which browser did you encounter this on? We’ll fix this right away.nYou can always refer to blog post I linked to get a better sense of the app or ping me on Twitter. You must be extremely busy and we think we can help you with DoNext.
@sivola I'm not surprised that it's my particular setup! I'm using Opera on OS X with Yosemite beta. Not a common setup at all! I love the idea of combining calendar and tasks, but I use a really complicated task management setup rather than simple reminders, so I doubt it would work for me in that sense. Best of luck, though!
Thanks PH for featuring us in the calendaring collection. The product evolved a lot since first presence on PH, so let me give you an update. The app uniquely combines calendars, todos and reminders in a single "Today" view and lets you "collaborate" on the calendar event when scheduling meetings. We believe productivity apps fail because they work in silos and you end up without a single place to manage your day: it's either a stand-alone calendar app or a to-do list app that soon becomes an infinite list of tasks that you will never finish. With the app you plan a single day, today, picking up only few tasks from your "scratchpad", those you can reasonably get done based on your imported schedule: if you have only 2 hrs free today, why bothering having 20 to-dos in your list? The app helps you with that showing an estimate of minutes/task that dynamically updates as the day goes on. The app works also great when you need to schedule events with others: instead of the continue back and forth of email/sms/calls (switching from your calendar) to pick a time and a location, all participants can now collaborate directly on the shared event and immediately synch it with your calendar, saving lots of time and steps. If all users are on the app, we can immediately inform you if the other people are free or not, again saving a lot of time and headaches; this works with any-to-any calendar (like iCloud to Outlook to Google, etc).