Track sales metrics and goals in Slack

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Thanks @akebrattberg for the hunt! Sales teams are still managed with gut feeling and ad hoc processes. Whenever an attempt is made to become more data-driven and process-oriented, new tools and workflows are introduced which takes away the salespeople's attention from making actual sales. We aim to change this. Donewell was built to offer a way for sales teams to track metrics, set goals and launch sales competitions without ever having to use another app or look at another ugly TV dashboard. Everything is done directly in Slack and is based on your existing CRM-data. No need to switch or implement any systems, you can get up and running in minutes. @pelaseyed and I are here all day to answer questions and hear your feedback, please reach out! PS: Happy to offer the Product Hunt community a Basic or Pro plan 1 month for FREE.
Great job, Donewell team! πŸš€
@akebrattberg Thanks for the hunt!