Build habits and track your progress multiple times a day 📊✅


Done helps you create healthy routines by helping you set goals, tracking your progress, and then motivating you with streaks/chains. Unlike so many other habit apps, Done lets you set a goal and track it MULTIPLE times a day, not just one time per day.

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This Product has the potential


Amazing idea

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Sharing feature is missing

Collaboration in habits

Team tracking

I'm glad to see this app here, because after trying many, many to-do/habit tracking apps, this is the only one that has stuck. I've been using it for about two months now, and I'm/we're still going strong. I've have always wanted a non-intimidating, very simple list of things I could simply mark as DONE every day, and this is it.


Simple, intuitive, gratifying, not anxiety-inducing


For me personally? None! But I do understand the desire for a share feature.

In the market there are several similar apps. I believe the latest one learn form the others.


Easy to use motivational app


I don't know if if it has apple watch integration

You made our list of the most exciting product of Product Hunt this fall

Can users comment on others progress or is this primarily private?


This is a community of hustlers that all push it to the limits. The feeling of momentum is key. Google keep fails where you are succeeding.


None. I would gladly try this out.