A TODO list for productivity and procrastination lovers

Want a minimalistic to-do list Chrome extension?

Done? is a fast and handy to-do list with simple functional and design. Write down your goals and focus only on what matters!

Excess is killing productivity, therefore Done? is maximally simple, without marked items and buttons that prevent focus on important.

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Hello, everybody! ✨🔥 I'm excited to announce my first product here! How is it different from other to-do apps? Done is maximally simple. 🔥 Done? doesn't let to mark tasks as done. Completed tasks are deleted to allow you to focus on undone tasks. 🔥The extension is controlled with arrow keys and shortcuts, that saves time and makes usage easier. - 'Del' or 'Command+Backspace' (macOS) to delete or mark as done. Press and hold to delete all items. - 'Enter' to add a new item. - 'Up' and 'Down' to switch between goals. 🔥It is always in quick access. So, you can add new items fast and easily. 🔥🔥🔥The fire appears on the icon when you add a goal. This red spot stands out and lets you remember about important goals. 🔥You can change a theme by typing commands 'set light theme' and 'set dark theme' (this theme would look nice with a black Chrome theme or with the new dark macOS theme :D). 🔥All goals synced between your Chrome devices. Feel free to ask questions and send feedback. с:

This list is great for the technique that is advocated by Chris Do. It's called "Focus Sheet". The idea is that you have to complete your tasks one by one, starting from the first added. New tasks are added to the end of the list. (First-In-First-Out, for the developers out there.) It makes you really focus on the tasks and not spend time on prioritization.


The simplest to-do list ever, no distractions at all! 🔥 Keyboard controls make it very fast and easy to use. Great as a Focus Sheet.


None so far

Also, you can play with the demo of the to-do list on the landing page. ✨