Donate Your Website

Donating web traffic to a cause

Donate Your Website is a service that allows businesses to donate their website's traffic to a good cause. Think 'Amber Alert for social impact'.

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This sounds so awesome! As a company it's easy to help a cause you care about and as a non-profit it's great to get exposure and donations though this easy sign up process!
@dominik_kugelmann Thanks Dominik. We're hoping both parties see the value as well.
@morganjlopes So we (as in would love to take advantage of your offer! And the traffic of some bigger websites!
@dominik_kugelmann excellent. Feel free to signup and create a campaign.
Hey Product Hunters! Our team is thrilled to introduce this social impact tool as our submission in the Product Hunt Global Hackathon. Think of it as the Amber Alert for Web Traffic. Nonprofits and Causes can recruit supporters to donate their web traffic to amplify a single message. For example, CNN could 'donate their web traffic' to New Story charity to help fund homes in need for Giving Tuesday. A popup would appear on CNN's website on the first impression and share the New Story message.
This is amazing, we should try this for our non-profit project.
Interesting concept. For whatever reason, the popup feels less intrusive since I know it's for a good cause.