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Thanks for the bump Product Hunt. We'll keep an eye on the conversation today if anyone has questions.
Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunterHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Really elegant solution to this problem. Would love to see @javanvg jump in to discuss. Did you know that @javanvg was part of the team that did the Kony2012 video?
Jason@sixside · Founder,
The pricing page is a bit confusing. Do you get to choose between the two options: CC+ Merchant Fees OR Donately Costs? Or do you get dinged from both Donately AND CC+ merchant fees?
All new pricing in 2016. Have a look at
Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the product love! Pricing is on top of cc fees. Donately is much like a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) so it does have costs above just taking the donation. With it you get simplicity of campaigning, fundraising, form embeds and a ton of analytics that help you optimize and improve your donation conversions.