Donald Draws

Trump draws for everyone!

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2017

Donald Draws is an app to fix your mood. If you want to see Donald Trump drawing whatever you want, go ahead and download it. No doubt that you are going to create the best memes.

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Found this and thought it was absolutely hilarious after @trumpdraws. I'm currently building an iOS version as we speak! It'll be on PH soon
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It was only a matter of time. This is why you don't hold up a blank sign.
@danielsing3r @trumpdraws lots of sources to pick from :) please make a desktop version also / ( web app would be fine for us mac users too)
@danielsing3r You need another iOS dev? πŸ˜‰
@danielsing3r @trumpdraws So basically this app will sit in obscurity until you finish the iOS version..... ::waiting::
@danielsing3r @trumpdraws If you need a beta tester for IOS....
Worst App Ever. Broke my iPhone. The developers are losers. Sad. Upvoted.
my new favorite thing.
@nivo0o0 niv, when is something not your favorite thing?
Does it generate a gif or a static image? I don't have an android to test
@brunolemos generates a gif
@brunolemos use - works perfectly. I just need to find out where exactly its saving the gifs on my mac now - but can post to twitter/facebook
@tony_anastasi @brunolemos Ever find out where it's saving the images to?
@jxslepton @brunolemos nope, but used a app called 'ES file explorer' which lets you move images etc to your desktop folders. works well enough :)
This is awesome!