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The average engagement in a newsletter is less than 5%! We think the fact that newsletter have always been generic (every single person receives the exact same thing) plays a big part in that. Thus we set out to experiment with a new kind of newsletter.

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Ali AbouelAtta
Associate @ Dubai Angel Investors.
Hello PH, we launched Don't Unsubscribe Newsletter with the hopes to give you all a new kind of experience in a newsletter. Rather than subscribing to 15 different newsletters to keep up to date with things you care about or subscribing to a few where half the time you are not interested in what the editors have to say, we have set out a new dynamic newsletter: Don't Unsubscribe Newsletter With Don't Unsubscribe newsletter you can pick only the topics you care about. Each topic you pick will compose a section of the newsletter and that's it. You would only receive the sections you subscribed to, in one juicy email. Looking forward to landing @ you inbox
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@ali_abou_el_atta I used to use but it was a lot of Cleaning up to keep up with. How is don't unsubscribe different from this solution?