Don’t Leave It!

Remember to take your stuff

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@omicaustin · Founder, Layman Lab
Thanks so much for all the upvotes and comments, everyone. We're really grateful to everyone who checked out Don't Leave It!


@omicaustin · Founder, Layman Lab
Thanks for the hunt @bojansavikj. We're excited to have our Don't Leave It! app up on Product Hunt! The backstory for Don't Leave It! is fairly simple - I'm a very forgetful person, and I was sick of leaving my s**t behind. :) So we set out to create a simple app that would let users create proximity-based reminders in a few clicks. The kind or reminders t… See more
Austin Sandmeyer
@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Cheers to @omicaustin! I think this is an awesome Idea and anything that means I don't have to buy another 4 pack of tiles (don't get me wrong I do love them but their price v. value is challenged sometimes) I love! https://media.giphy.com/media/3o...
Kevin Guebert
@kevinguebert · Maker of Aww New Tab
"Keys, phone, wallet. Keys, phone wallet." -Every morning I'm excited to try it out - I'm sure the Android community is patiently waiting for some help too and I'm also sure it's on the roadmap 😉 Also - your FAQ in the app is golden. Access to health and fitness data threw me a doozy but you explained it quite well. Can't wait to try it out more!
@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
Great idea. Do you have to tell it, what you are taking with you? Sometimes, i forget car keys and will only remember, when i reach the parking lot. Does your app help?
@irshadpc111 · Sr. iOS Engineer
Cool stuff. I really appreciate the whole team .