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Thanks for the hunt @bojansavikj. We're excited to have our Don't Leave It! app up on Product Hunt! The backstory for Don't Leave It! is fairly simple - I'm a very forgetful person, and I was sick of leaving my s**t behind. :) So we set out to create a simple app that would let users create proximity-based reminders in a few clicks. The kind or reminders that could alert you when you walk away from your personal items when you're out at a bar, restaurant, cafe, etc. Or, to remind you not to leave your house without your passport or visa on the way to the airport. The goal was to have these location reminders work on a short enough range to be useful indoors - without additional hardware, beacons, tags, etc. Anyone who has worked with mobile GPS can appreciate what kind of challenge that is, and while we'll be constantly working out kinks and optimizing the user experience, I'm proud of the results so far. It also helps that we're currently augmenting (or more accurately, gap-filling) GPS with pedometer data. As I mentioned, the app is meant to be streamlined, but we also wanted to pack in a decent amount of smarts and functionality. Users can add custom items, add notes to their reminders, view their reminder history, and a few other bells and whistles - but ultimately we tried to keep those features secondary to the core function. Anyway, we have some big plans in terms of where we plan to take this app, but in the meantime, I hope our app can help prevent that gut-punch feeling when you realize you've left something important behind.
Cheers to @omicaustin! I think this is an awesome Idea and anything that means I don't have to buy another 4 pack of tiles (don't get me wrong I do love them but their price v. value is challenged sometimes) I love!
@as_austin Thanks, Austin. Much appreciated!
"Keys, phone, wallet. Keys, phone wallet." -Every morning I'm excited to try it out - I'm sure the Android community is patiently waiting for some help too and I'm also sure it's on the roadmap 😉 Also - your FAQ in the app is golden. Access to health and fitness data threw me a doozy but you explained it quite well. Can't wait to try it out more!
@kevinguebert Thanks! Yes, Android is definitely on the roadmap. Hoping we can get there soon (lots of budget and logistic considerations, honestly). As an Android user (I temporarily switched back to iOS last year when we started the dev process), I feel the pain of the "iOS first" mentality. :) And thanks for checking out the FAQ. From the start it was tremendously important to keep all location data private, and housed on the user's device only - and not have it transferred, stored, or accessible by us at all. Thanks again, I hope you find the app useful!
Great idea. Do you have to tell it, what you are taking with you? Sometimes, i forget car keys and will only remember, when i reach the parking lot. Does your app help?
@sridhar_kondoji Hi this is not my app, I just found it online and I thought it would be useful. Yes, you can set up reminder for your keys, set alert status and virtual parameter and this app will help you.
@sridhar_kondoji Thanks for your comment. As @bojansavikj mentioned, yes, you can set the reminders based on a particular item ("car keys" in your case), but we also included a "Quick Alert" that is essentially a generic item you don't want to walk away from or leave without - for those situations when you are in a rush and just want to create a reminder in 2 button presses. Hope that answers your Q, and I hope you get to give the Don't Leave It! app a try!
Cool stuff. I really appreciate the whole team .