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Charles Vinette
Charles Vinette@charlesvinette · Founder, @appandflow
I have been a member of the Domino community for ~8 months now and it has been invaluable. Alex and Chris are working hard to make an amazing platform and it is paying off. Great discussions are taking place and lots of good info for freelancers!
Alexander Singh
Alexander SinghMaker@automaticyes
@charlesvinette Thanks, mate! You've been supporting the community a lot from the moment you joined. 🙏
Paul Maplesden
Paul MaplesdenMaker@paul_maplesden · Freelance Writer
I've written a lot on freelancing (it's a passion of mine) and I have to say that Domino Spot is the perfect way to get concise, bite-sized, immediately relevant information. Whether you're just starting out as a freelancer, or you're already established, there's always something more to learn.
Alexander Singh
Alexander SinghMaker@automaticyes
This man is not biased in the least. 😐 😉 (cc @paul_maplesden)
Adam K Chew
Adam K Chew@adamkchew ·
Great people and well detail information curated by freelancers!
Alexander Singh
Alexander SinghMaker@automaticyes
@adamkchew The curation h/t has to go to @paul_maplesden and @_chelleshock
Michelle Nickolaisen
Michelle NickolaisenMaker@_chelleshock · Owner, Bombchelle Industries
There's a time and a place for exceptionally long-form posts that cover every single angle of a topic, but I find that often beginners tend to get overwhelmed with those. They ask me about setting rates and I can send them six thousand words on why employee rates aren't the same as freelance rates and how to set rates without shooting yourself in the foot and the side effects of not setting rates properly...or I can give them something that tells them exactly how to set their rates. The second one tends to get better results & is less overwhelming for the newbie freelancer, and that's where Spots comes in. At any rate, I had a lot of fun contributing to these guides & I think they’ll be valuable for anyone getting into freelancing or looking to grow their freelance business.
Carl Fairclough
Carl Fairclough@carlfairclough · Designer
I've been watching Domino grow and evolve from the sidelines for over a year now, and it's been great. Alex & Chris have really listened to the amazing community that they've fostered and it's resulted in this resource which, IMO, is invaluable.