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domdb makes domain parking simple and easy. You can park your domain with a price with only 2 DNS records.

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Why support domain parking? It's a pain in the ass for creative people. I honestly even wonder what is gained from this. Maybe once in a blue moon you'll get someone that's willing to buy your parked domain. I have yet to hear anyone say "Oh shit the domain name I wanted to buy is parked, I'll have to pay extra." Nope, they're just like: "Oh shit the domain name I wanted to buy is parked, I guess I'll have to look for another one."
@andreasbackx Eh, I wouldn't say this is supporting domain parking. As long as there's a market for domain names, people will buy and park the best ones. This product doesn't change that, it just makes it a better experience for the parker and the inquirer, in exchange for a few bucks. I think there are a lot of people who would totally pay 3-5 figures for domains. In fact, I can think of several I'd pay that for right now if I could.
Hey guys! I’m launching my small product today called domdb. tl;dr You can setup a clean landing page, with a price and a contact form, by only adding 2 DNS records to your domain, from you registrar. In literally less than 15 seconds, potential buyers can contact you to buy your domain. Long story: I own different domains that I used to park, but I was not happy with the available solutions. (yep, that story again 😛) So I build my own personal service to manage my domains. And I decided that it could be useful for other people so I opened the access. The idea is to be able to park a domain as easy and fast as possible. All you have to do is create an account on, then from you registrar, you’ll be able to park your domain with 2 DNS records. Feedbacks appreciated!
@tompec Cool product! Is there any way to hook it up to Stripe Checkout to automate the buying process as well? (and wait 14 days or whatever it is to make sure the payment clears) I think you should charge more too. Like $1/mo/additional domain (after 20 free). If people have 20+ domains they're probably doing this at least semi-professionally. I'll probably set this up for a bunch of my parked domains (bought them for a project, never built it, like the name).
@tompec wow thanks. Been looking for something like this. Flippa is a total rip off
That gif 😂
Hard to pronounce :)