If you're like me and you spend a decent amount of time daily looking for a good domain to buy, then I'm about to make your life easier.

I pick out multiple domains everyday, and post them for you to register. For free.

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Hey Product Hunt! 👋🏽 If you're as addicted as me to buying domains, then this is the perfect website for you. 🖥 About Domainz It's simple, I browse the web (Like i usually do everyday anyway) and post the best domains that are currently available to register, for free! Incase you're wondering, no, I'm not buying the best ones for myself, I'm trying to stop myself from buying more! I've got 90 idle domains lol, smh. 🔥 Roadmap So what next for Domainz? - More domain extensions will be added, sleeker UI, faster load times, and better integration to update you when new domains are added. I'm also building a way to lease out your domains to people, so if you've got a domain just sitting there, let it make money for you. And much more… Happy Saturday and have a good one 💕! Special thanks to @spekulatius1984 for all the time hes invested in me! You’ve helped made this launch even better. If you've got any questions, feel free to tweet me. https://www.twitter.com/rhysbein... Cheers!
Congratulations to the new project @rhysbeingsocial :) I'm happy to help and am looking forward to many cool domain names :)
@rhysbeingsocial can you add desktob notifications whenever you ass a new domain ?
@loukmannacik Yes sir, building it now.
Hey Rhys, great idea! I don't know if this is possible but that would be great that when you click on "Get this domain" the search is already done on Namecheap.
@marie_dm_ Hey! Implementing this as we speak ;)
Just a heads up: Some of these names include (potential) trademarks and could therefore well be seen as trademark infringement. (For example: marvelmovies.xyz, jackiechan.co.uk; gamerstop.org is pretty close to GameStop as well.)
@dav140 Without a doubt, however most people horde and don't do much with it. for example I've got angrybirds.co gearsofwar.co and a few other branded ones. It's harmless if you're not damaging their brand. Might be wrong though 🤷🏽‍♂️ Either way, hope you enjoy the website :)
@dav140 @rhysbeingsocial I am sorry but this is such an ignorant answer for a maker - maybe you should Google what a UDPR is before you start recommending trademark domains to your visitors. I find it staggering that a lot of PH'ers don't hesitate to call a domain name investor a squatter whenever this person owns a GENERIC (non-trademark) domain name they want for a startup or project but for some reason it's totally cool for someone to own Angrybird.co as long as they don't do anything with it?

I had a very bad, in fact worst experience with these guys. I am very new to domain flipping, I got to know about this website from one of my friends. Before purchasing premium membership, I DM'ed these guys in twitter and they suggested to buy premium, so then I immediately paid 15$ for one month subscription. Since I am paying money, I believed in you guys and put up my 300$ to buy your so called premium domains. Then, I asked a few people about the domains and they said many of them are trade-marked. One question to you guys, when you say premium domains and take money for it, don't you take care while listing trade-marked domains, at least shouldn't you be responsible for making a visible note warning about it. When I emailed these guys, they said we have to check, then why did you take money for it?? Also, how can .me, .io, .co are considered as premium domains ???. Now I had to delete my domains salesforces.co rockstargames.io wimbledon.me which is just a waste of money.


Not much


All the domains listed are not premium, you can't make money with them

They list trademarked domains and you will get screwed

HAHA, my old domain onboard.ly is on the page. Maybe I shouldn't have let it expire.
@filip_johansen haha better quickly reregister it ;)
@loukmannacik that’s super weird since I still have the opportunity to renew it. Anyway congratulations, hopefully you’ll do something with it instead of just hoarding like I did.
@filip_johansen thank you man, it's weird that you still have the opportunity to renew it tho! I have something in mind, maybe you will hear about it soon. cheers