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#2 Product of the DayMarch 23, 2018

DomainWatch makes it easy for you to monitor your own domains and ones you want to acquire. We keep an eye on expiration dates, nameservers, SSL certificates, whois contacts and more.

DomainWatch is free for monitoring expiration for 10 domains. If you have more domains and want to monitor more than just expiration dates, say hello.

  • Laurent Pellegrino
    Laurent PellegrinoFounder, & Medical

    The design is clean


    The purpose is discutable

    Interesting but why monitoring if at the end you cannot get the domain?

    Laurent Pellegrino has used this product for one day.
  • Deepak Bharti
    Deepak Bhartistudent at MNNIT



    not I know

    cool app

    Deepak Bharti has used this product for one day.
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Marko Prljic
Marko Prljic@markoprljic · Designer
Bravo mate!
Benjamin Alijagić
Benjamin AlijagićMaker@benjam1n · Designer
@markoprljic Thanks, Marko!
Guido@guidoj · founder @SonrisaVentures
Hey. Sounds nice! However, I was told by a domain name expert that if you want to get a domain that’s currently dormant you have to register with “snapnames” and/or “dropcatch”. Otherwise you’ll not be able to get an expiring domain even if you’re notified about it. The ”notification” might already be too late. Anyways, I’m not an expert in this field and I’m only repeating what I’ve heard. Happy to be proven wrong by someone with more knowledge.😀
Benjamin Alijagić
Benjamin AlijagićMaker@benjam1n · Designer
@guidoj You are absolutely right, for some domains you do need to pay a dropcatching fee if you want a chance to get it. But also, have you checked the prices, and their success rate? In essence, it is too expensive, and doesn't guarantee success. Further more, there is no "secondary option". I once backordered at GoDaddy, a domain name that was registered with GoDaddy, and someone from Dropcatch ended up getting it. How is that fair? For example, if you would casually like to know if some domain name will become available so that you can get it at base price, this is the tool for that. And there are still thousands of domains every day that do expire without anyone catching them! This tool doesn't compete with big dropcatching services like GoDaddy, Dropcatch, Snapnames, etc. This tool will help you catch domain names that are going to expire, without you having to keep checking them manually.
IGNACIO@ignaciored · I do things on Internet. Santiago, Chile
Super easy to use
Benjamin Alijagić
Benjamin AlijagićMaker@benjam1n · Designer
@ignaciored Thanks, Ignacio!
Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch @benjam1n :) What features are you planning on adding next?
Benjamin Alijagić
Benjamin AlijagićMaker@benjam1n · Designer
@amrith Thanks man! Well, I have to validate the basics first, but here are some ideas: * Full whois alerting - nameserver, transfer prohibited, registrar/registrant/admin/tech contacts (this is more of a security feature) * Domain ownership verification (so you can get different notifications and suggestions, eg. suggesting a backordering on a domain that you own doesn't really make sense) * Slack/Telegram notifications
Stephane Manhes
Stephane Manhes@smanhes · Directeur associé d'OKTEY
Very practical, thank you
Benjamin Alijagić
Benjamin AlijagićMaker@benjam1n · Designer
@smanhes Thanks Stephane, let me know if you have any questions!