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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 27, 2018

DomainPecker — the free startup domain name generator! If you've spent hours scratching your head over names for a Saas tool, app, or startup, then try DomainPecker. It combines your keywords with lists of punchy, generic terms and TLD endings and then says which domains are available. Pick one and concentrate on shipping your product.

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Tell us about how you came to name this product?
@veronica ha, I used the the tool itself with the keyword "domain" and it suggested "domainwoodpecker", so I shortened it and went with that. I can imagine a woodpecker drilling away at something until it found what it wanted — but I also realise "pecker" is colloquial for something else entirely! I also have "" registered. What do you think about the name?
@jackpettman honestly, I don't know if it's a good look to use the word "pecker" in a tech product name in general. It's a little tone deaf considering what's going on in the tech industry (and world) at the moment. DomainDart sounds good, and I love alliteration :) But at the end of the day, it's your product! Sounds like it had innocent origins, but it might not be perceived that way.
@veronica thanks for the feedback.
@veronica @jackpettman Agreed. Yikes. Domainr does this for me. The algorithm isn't the same, but I'm not going to end up with a dick in my name.
🤷‍♂️ for anyone who doesn't like the name there is a rebranded version at
I tried a few combinations but all I got was "There was an error. Please try again." :(
@mrsimo101 due to the unexpected success of this launch my API provider is throttling me! Sorry about that, I'm looking into upgrading my hourly allowance now :)
@jackpettman That's great to hear! I'll make sure to check it back later. Don't overscale just for the spike ;)
@mrsimo101 thanks 😄. The app runs in aws lambda so scaling is easy on my side but my current domain checking API provider has anhourylimit.Nice feeling to be hitting it as it’s quite high! Talking to Namecheap and Domainr now about getting more access. 💪🏻
I think you're on to something. Might want to experiment with different algorithms for generating semi-random startup names though.
@topherpedersen definitely! I will experiment with this, thanks for the feedback.
Considering this is for startups, It might be nice to search lesser known domain extensions. .io .one .design etc... Like if i search "Josh" it wouldn't return, but,,, etc...
@gautch great idea. I’ll add that!
Hi everyone, thanks so much for the support, you may see errors at the moment due to high traffic but I'm working as we speak to ease that. :)
All fixed, using a new API provider with unlimited requests. ✨