Domain Tower

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I've had this pain point for years, and i'm fairly sure I'm not alone, where I have a fair few domain names stacked up over time I'd quite like to keep hold of. They're dotted across different providers, so keeping track of what was purchased where is a total nightmare. I always dread the inevitable 'your domain is expiring today' as I just know its going to eat time. After doing some hunting on this, the area seems to be dominated by nasty desktop software, but I stumbled across Domain Tower today which lets you manage all this stuff in one place, in a more saas based approach. I'm keen to hear if anyone else has had this pain point and has used any other products to handle this?
@Jasondantier thank you so much for posting our site. We hope and belive we can be of some real service to business/domain owners wanting to feel secure/get more information regarding their domains and sites.