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Browse recently expired, pronounceable domain names

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Thanks to this site, I now know that is open. Thanks Product Hunt! 👊
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@zackshapiro I'm tempted to check this domain on the wayback time machine but it's probably best I don't.
Nice! I wish there were a way to be more flexible with constraints, e.g. I wouldn't mind 6-character domains either. In general I wish there were more domain name tools like these that just showed you what was short and available in .com. It's easier to just find a project name off of that rather than come up with your own names, invariably wasting your time searching for occupied deviations of it.
@kokev It's not *exactly* what you're looking for, but Short Domain Search and Lean Domain Search can save a lot of time when trying to find a product name with an associated domain. I know I've wasted hours looking for something with a reasonable TLD available.
Nice idea, but I've hardly seen any that are pronounceable let alone "100% pronounceability"
just getting a hostgator page now. is that ironic?
RIP Domain Inferno