High-impact jobs tackling big issues (i.e. climate change)

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 23, 2019
Find jobs and internships at 6000+ vetted organizations at the forefront of tackling climate change, fighting poverty, improving education, fixing healthcare, reimagining cities and urban mobility, exploring space, and protecting civil liberties. 
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Job hunting should start with the problem you want to spend your time solving, not the role itself or awkward salary bands that never end up being true anyways. Cool to see job hunting apps like Dolphin take this approach... and do some good at the same time. 🐬
@nickabouzeid could not agree more.. Dolphin helps highlight what makes a company special (it's mission/purpose) & what team members care about. If those two line up... well that's where the magic happens!
@nickabouzeid you touch upon a really great feature-- information on how the company is actually solving the problems they claim to care about. A lot of companies make public statements, but few actually allocate a meaningful % of funds to tackle the problem or they set underwhelming goals across a large time horizon (my work the past couple months has focused on researching the maturity of sustainability goals for American Fortune 100s). Outside of sustainability, we also have corporate social responsibility hypocrisy like Johnson & Johnson joining the Business Roundtable while also going to court in an attempt to dodge responsibility for the Opioid crisis. @george_liu1 thoughts on adding in this kind of "verification"/score in a subequent sprint? It requires more curation/research so it could be hard for the initial launch/rapid scaling, but if you're targeting the major American fortune 100 clients in the hospitality, transportation, food + beverage, or Telecom space, I might be able to help!
@dani_lopez_nyc that's a great idea! right now we have a rudimentary company evaluation framework to determine which ones are included in the app, but there's definitely room to refine it. Happy to chat more about it, just email me at george [at]
Hey fellow Product Hunters, In celebration of the Global Climate Strike ( that started last Friday and goes on for the rest of this week, we wanted to make it as frictionless (and delightful) as possible to take a step back and consider a career tackling climate change. There are other major issues (i.e. health, education, etc) on the app as well, just let us know what lights your fire and we’ll recommend relevant job openings at vetted organizations. If there’s additional issues you’re interested in that aren’t on Dolphin right now, shoot me a note at We’re currently U.S. only and iPhone only, but branching out soon. Ultimately, we believe one of the best ways to tackle the toughest issues is to get paid to work on them. Volunteering and individual efforts are amazing and needed, but they don’t contain the compounding effectiveness that comes with a group of passionate people focused on solving a problem for an extended period of time. Hopefully, Dolphin can make this option a little easier for you. Cheers, George
@splashwithdolphin @gxzliu New grad here! This is the exact sort of platform I am looking for to help with my FT job hunt! Love both the mission and the design/content! Keep up the great work!
Love the UI. Super retro. Hopefully this makes it easier for new grads to consider working on some pressing problems vs following the crowd.
Lots of job application sites are pretty bland, boring, and it's up to you to find what types of roles and companies interest you personally. Most aren't very user-centric. Dolphin is one of the first of its kind that focuses on the user and their goals when applying for that next step in their career and you can see its mission through its playful and whimsical UX design -- which George designed himself! Overall a great first step towards finding high impact jobs in a much easier way.
Our work defines us and often is a very important part of the stories we tell each other and to ourselves, super excited about Dolphin narrative format, I am looking for meaning not a bi-weekly paycheck.