Dolores Landingham Bot

A Slack bot to welcome new 18F hires

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Technically this is for a private Slack instance for @18F, but since it's open source, I thought it'd be worth hunting!
Thanks! (I work at 18F and originally came up with the idea.) We plan to write a blog post soon about how we're trickling out the messages and how it works. It launched today - and I'm really happy with the way it's working internally. - Mel
@mkramer And I clearly need to update my "about" section on here.
This is awesome - would love to see a Readme contributed for getting this up and running on Heroku!
Onboarding is so crucial, especially in a startup. What's interesting about this is the conversation format, spread out over time. That should keep personal info fresh and help with compliance.
I love this. Great intersection of whimsy, utility, integration and open source... and it gets double points for being a West Wing reference as well. Its great to watch a lot of these onboarding workflows quickly build up, it clearly shows what a need there has been for something like this across so many orgs.