Dollop 2.0

Text a redeemable treat to a friend! 👯📲🍩

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HI Product Hunt! Let me introduce you to our app. Dollop is an app that lets you give a real treat to a friend in the special moments big and small. They’ll get a real gift instantly via text and can redeem at a participating location of choice. It’s quite easy to use. You can select the treat you want to send to your friend and send it via text message. Your friend would be able to redeem the treat at a venue close to her by scanning the code the cashier will provide. Dollop offers a unique mobile payment backend which facilitates easy merchant sign on while making mobile gifting easier for customers. I hope you guys like it. It’s currently available in New York and coming soon to San Francisco.
@annerjiao really love this concept, looking forward to trying it.
@annerjiao Dig this. There's a group here in Nashville working on this from a 'send a drink' perspective (in a bar) that they're tapping liquor brands to sponsor. You're far ahead with the merchant signup.
Congrats on the launch Anne. This looks cool!
Nice work, Anne. I've always been fascinated with this space and was lucky enough to work in it at Square with Square Wallet and other products. I found the biggest hurdle with products like this is seller-side availability, which you can make up for volume in the short term by signing with boutique merchants to a point. Then, for scale (assuming you want to go that route) is to make strategic partnerships with hardware providers that unlock large merchant cohorts, but the downside there is quality of service. It's a long road, but definitely exciting. Good luck!
@davidbyttow That was one of the challenges that we found as well! We solved that problem through making merchant sign up easy. Now all they need is a sticker at their register that the user can scan! Since we made this switch, we've seen a boost in venues and we have about 50 venues in NY.
Love the idea of promoting a kinder pay-it-forward culture that promotes social interaction, in-store visits, and uplifting emotional boosts.
Great concept. Can't wait to try it.