Dollarbird 3

The new version of the Dollarbird personal finance calendar

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Levi Szabo
Levi SzaboMaker@levisz · Co-Founder Dollarbird, Halcyon Mobile
Hey PH, Levente from the Dollarbird team here. We’re stoked to finally launch Dollarbird 3, featuring a completely redesigned interface both on iOS and Android, some cool new features, and the promised long-awaited web app. Firstly launched back in 2013, Dollarbird is a personal finance calendar, mainly used by individuals, freelancers and families to manage own or shared expenses. The entirely new version has been redesigned and built from the ground up wrapping the core of the Dollarbird experience in a new look and feel. Give it a spin, and let us know what you think. ✋ Cheers!
Szabi Szekely
Szabi SzekelyMaker@szabi4 · Co-founder at HalcyonX, Dollarbird
@levisz We’re super excited to show the world what we’ve been working on. A cloud based, collaborative personal finance management tool that lets you track and plan your money as easy as adding events to a calendar. Fast input with AI helped auto-categorization, option to collaborate on shared calendars, and sync across all platforms & devices are just some of the sugar, spice and everything nice we’ve included in the product. It’s far from complete, we’re still perfecting and expanding our offerings in the next period. Support is welcome, feedback is needed and downloads are appreciated.
@levisz @szabi4 Something useful would be an onboarding process. Just downloaded the app and didn't know what to do. I entered a starting balance but have no idea what the app can do for me (or how). I jumped on the desktop and didn't get much guidance then either. I'm interested enough that I'll keep playing with it and check out the support forums, but I imagine you'll get more active user retention if you hook folks with utility as soon as they sign up.
Levi Szabo
Levi SzaboMaker@levisz · Co-Founder Dollarbird, Halcyon Mobile
@hgsigala Thanks for the feedback, we fully agree that onboarding is very important! While it didn't make it in this first version it's one of the next features on our improvements list. In the meantime, if something is not clear, drop us a line, or check out our helpcenter at
Savannah Harthausen
Savannah Harthausen@avannahsbb · vcu student<3
the first of dates that show the currently selected week above the monthly calendar is really confusing, could you color code them differently or maybe square them off?
Levi Szabo
Levi SzaboMaker@levisz · Co-Founder Dollarbird, Halcyon Mobile
@avannahsbb thanks for the feedback. Please send us more details / maybe a screenshot to and we'll see what we can do to improve it
Michael Boamah
Michael Boamah@michael_boamah · Advertising Editor at TheNextGag
Was a fan of Dollabird previous versions. It was the only app that I approved of for my finances. The jury is still out on Dollarbird 3.0. Appreciate the web app but I am not sure about the fact that I need an Internet connection to use the mobile app. Anyway, I am sure that when they will have implemented all the feature requests, it will be awesome.
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
I have tried a few personal financing applications but this is by far the best and most intuitive system to date. Congratulations on the release and i wish you every bit of success with it.
Levi Szabo
Levi SzaboMaker@levisz · Co-Founder Dollarbird, Halcyon Mobile
@itsnblackburn Thanks Nathaniel!✋
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
Does it work in Canada?
Levi Szabo
Levi SzaboMaker@levisz · Co-Founder Dollarbird, Halcyon Mobile
@tombielecki Yes, it works globally.