Dollar Tea Club takes it's members on a journey to explore the world of tea for $1/mo.

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Nice work, @allan_shulman, although I'd change the name before Dollar Shave Club sends a C&D. When I read the name Dollar Tea Club, I thought it might be a business extension of theirs (although that would be weird).
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We've done our due diligence in acquiring the name so we're not too worried ☺️
@allan_shulman Interesting! I would have thought the name would be an issue. Based on your research, do you know if other Dollar *** Club names are OK as well? For example, if I were starting a subscription organic pea service, could I call it Dollar Pea Club?
@kleneway there's a Dollar High Club, we're Dollar Tea Club, so I couldn't see it being a problem- but I'd still look into registered trademarks & get a bit of legal advice before doing anything :)
Hey PH, Welcome to Dollar Tea Club! Why Dollar Tea Club? Simple, we love tea. We wanted to share our passion for tea by making it easier for all tea drinkers to start steeping. We love trying new flavors and believe that amazing tea shouldn't have to burn a hole in your pocket, so we decided to put it all together and offer amazing tea for $1/month! Fully Customizable: This is where we really stand out, because we are the first and only tea subscription that allows members to build & change their subscription anytime. Why? We wanted to offer members the flexibility of trying new tea while also giving them the option of choosing. This being said, we have subscriptions for all types of drinkers, from The Explorer (3 new flavors for $1/month) to a "build your own" option where members can choose whichever blends they'd like and receive them every month. How it works: 1. Sign up 2. Get awesome flavors every month * Love a flavor? Get more from our Tea Shoppe :) Our Tea: - Premium loose leaf - Sourced through Direct Trade - Organic options available - Caffeine-Free available Our Guaran'teas - No Hidden Fees (No membership fee) - No Contract. Cancel Anytime - Freshness Guaranteed Questions? Holler! Thanks for reading hunters!
@allan_shulman Have you thought about sugar subscription service as additional service to tea subscriptions?
@dainiskanopa Hey, I have not but this is definitely something I would look into.
@allan_shulman what's the point in sugar subscriptions?
@sridhar_kondoji possibly an addition into a TeaBox? Maybe honey would work better but it's not something we would be looking at in the near future ☺️
Hey Allan, I like the idea of the product. I think all the tea lovers will be buying from you in future. ;) However, I think you should add more information on your website, let people to browse the products and let them to create their TeaBox even if they are not signed up/in. That's my small feedback for you. Good luck with sales and improvements! BTW, I agree to what Sergey Piragov just said - a viral video, would be great boost for this project. Will be waiting more products from you!
@amazingnsimple Thanks, I've been going back and forth on having the shop open for people to browse products and we just closed it back up this week! We figure that our easy sign up will help decrease the dropoff % on the signup page, but the analytics will tell us shortly :) What kind of information would you like to see on the front page?
@allan_shulman - I can speak for this from my own experience. I love tea and was interested to learn more but having to sign up before getting much information was a deal breaker for me and I just left. I'd recommend you let them see the products they can receive in the box before asking anyone to sign up. The sign up didn't appear "easy" to me.
@kayla_ervin thanks for the feedback, we're going to to find a way to open up the shop asking for an email address.
@allan_shulman yea I am with @kayla_ervin. I was just trying to see the exact pricing and what types of tea you had, and then I kept hitting the sign up wall. So i gave up. I understand that you want to collect emails, but maybe have most of the links doing that, but give the user a way to see more by putting a link in the footer, or even under the email sign up, say "I am not ready, show me more". That way you can keep it moving. (if you want to gather emails, you can always do the sign up to get % off, or free sample method). But current process is a turn off for many I think.
@justin_k @kayla_ervin Thanks for the suggestion, Justin- I think this is the best way to go about it for the mean time. Check back in half an hour for the button (ill put it in the sign up page for now)
I couldn't find pricing details on the website. Do I need to register before I see all the info?
@varundave As of this morning, only members could see pricing... thanks to your feedback this will be changed shortly. Thanks Varun!
@allan_shulman @varundave That would be amazing. Would love to see the options first before signing up.
@varundave We've opened the teashop! To see, go to the join page and click the "enter as guest" button :)
@passi0nista @varundave Check now! go to sign up page and click the "enter as guest" button :)
Haha) Definitely you should start with viral video.
@perpetuous we're working on it..;. Stay tuned :) ps: any hilarious tea video ideas?
@allan_shulman maybe girls dancing inside the falling tea leaves?
@allan_shulman @perpetuous if red bull gives you wings, tea lets you float on a cloud.
@marina_lau @perpetuous haha, I can already picture the scene 😂👏👏