Dollar Hair Tie Club

Get new hair ties every month for just $1

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Hey Product Hunt! Wanted to share a site my girlfriend made called Dollar Hair Tie Club. She’s constantly losing her hair ties so she had this idea for a subscription service where she would get new ones every month. It’s been fun for her to see a little into my world in starting something new. It’s been up for a few weeks and starting to gain some traction. We’d love any feedback that you guys might have for us. I added her as a maker so she’ll be in this chat answering questions.
@jmjerlecki this is great! I just wish there was a way to specify hair color :)
@geekgirlweb great suggestion! hair clips and bobby pins seem to be high on the requests list as well.
@jmjerlecki @geekgirlweb -- yes! bobby pins would be amazing. :)
I dig this, though I only like the flat hair ties personally. Part of me also wants to be a pedant about the copy (girl / WOMAN) but I get it...
Please. Do. Shipping. To. Europe.
Upvoted and subscribing because my teenage daughter is always complaining about my Wife stealing her hair ties.
Interesting idea!