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Artur Fruman
Artur FrumanHunter@arturfruman · Do you scrape your tongue?
Yoo, would love to answer any questions you have. Basically it's Dollar Shave Club for a tongue scraper. Scraping the bacteria off your tongue is very important for your hygiene / overall health. It can prevent Bad Breath, Sore Throats, and Sinus Infections. Watch the video the see some people react to their first time scraping. The shit that comes off your tongue is disgusting and it shouldn't be there. So sign up for the Squad and we'll send you a fresh tongue scraper each month in order to keep you clean and healthy... also, you'll probably get laid more. <3 Artur
Harris Markowitz
Harris Markowitz@hhhmarkowitz · Founder, A Cereal Production
I signed up 2 months ago nd must say the scrappers exceeded my expectations. Was a little skeptical at first bc I had never heard of scrappers before, but im very happy I subscribed. I use it after every time I drink coffee and after my regular brush
Scott Dunn
Scott Dunn@scott_dunn
The concept is definitely funky, but I must admit that there is a real market for this type of thing. Branding is incredible, by the way. · CTO, Rotfuß GmbH
yea, nice, but why not using a simple tea spoon as a tongue scraper?
Artur Fruman
Artur FrumanHunter@arturfruman · Do you scrape your tongue?
@klimmzugstangen Great point. Deff better than not scraping at all, but the ridges on our scraper were designed specifically for capturing the bacteria deep inside your tongue. Also, a lot of people have gag issues and ours is designed to prevent that, where as a spoon or other tongue scrapers out there with a similar shape to a spoon could make someone throw up.