Dollar Flight Club

Join 500,000 travelers, saving $500+ on flights.

Dollar Flight Club is a cheap flight alert service that saves over 500,000 members hundreds of dollars on international flights. Our members fly to Australia from $400 rt, London $300 rt, and Bali $350 rt.

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Went to sign up with interest, forced to enter credit card before even having a chance to explore the product. No thanks. Saw recommendations for Scott's Cheap Flights so went there instead. I suggest offering a very restricted free experience to build trust in new users.
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Website looks exactly the same as Scott's Cheap Flights.

Wanted to try it, did not want to add my credit card.


Did not try product itself (See cons)


Requires credit card to try

What's the difference between this and Scott's Cheap Flights?
hey @_christine ! We've been around for about a year and a half and service roughly half a million members, so we're a bit smaller I believe. 1. We have more deal personalization (we send members specific dates for our deals relevant to their departure city which links them out to book, rather than sending them to a random Google Flights link), 2. Instant text alerts for Premium Members so they get deals faster 3. We don't have as large of a Free User base so spend more time providing a better Premium Service with more deals for Premium Members. 4. We service more departure countries, so our market is wider. Did you sign up for our free trial or go through our on-boarding process? Interested to hear your thoughts on the on-boarding work flow, which we recently updated.

No proof at all. Requires credit card to try. nope.


Nothing that we know


Subscription before we get to see anything