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I wish I had a beard.
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@syswarren I wish I was ok with the idea of perfume and brush mine :D
@oelmekki You should try. It also helps prevent skin irritations. P.S: my profile pic is very outdated.
@syswarren if you could grow one it may open up new income streams for you! Seriously though, we have had a ton of orders coming in from females lately...I assume they are for gifts though..
@oelmekki Have you ever any beard oil or the boar bristle brush? Game changing!
@gregoiregilbert So i assume you now have a beard?
Great job capturing the spirit of the original video, and poking a little fun while they are at it. Is this a joke? A real product? A joke turned real product? A joke turned real product that gets sued for trademark infringement? It'd be just like Bang With Friends and Zynga, except this time for facial hair.
@ethosventures seems like a real product/service. apparently they've raised investment and @ioren & @NoahJBorden are investors.
@_jacksmith its definitely a real product and service! I'm involved with the company. We're waiting on the CEO to get commenting access now, so he can answer all your guys' questions.
@ethosventures Yes we are indeed a real service offering amazing products!
@_jacksmith I really love the car at the end. Cool video, more similar to this
than to the epic one of @mrdubin.
@robertoscaccia @_jacksmith more similar like this you mean?
@milann @_jacksmith nope ;) I really meant more similar to the Old Spice gentleman than to the talented star/CEO of DollarShaveClub, Mr Michael Dubin.
@robertoscaccia @_jacksmith ok yeah you're talking about the character instead of the style? they are pretty similar.
@_jacksmith Had me at "I eat shaving cream for breakfast". I *just* bought a pack from Bossman Brands but will give this a look, as the oil definitely helps
YES! This is what I'm talking about.
@zacherynielson Thanks for the support! You look like you have a mean beard, have you joined the club yet?
@alextbrown @zacherynielson I joined the moment I saw this!
@zacherynielson Awesome, you are going to love the products! Thanks for your support!
Impressive that they've managed to get the oil price down that much. The margins with other companies did seem a little bit ridiculous. Is there a list of ingredients somewhere? I think 'no shave November' is starting today for me.
@justinjarman One of the premium beard oil products was on Shark Tank and he mentioned his margins are 80%. It is a bit insane. If you've got a beard, beard oil is inherently something you buy on a regular basis, so for that reason I like the concept of DBC. I've experimented with some cheap oils from Etsy and Amazon. They end up doing weird things to your face and just don't work well. Also smell weird. The premium oils are much better... e.g. http://thebeardbaron.com and http://www.beardbrand.com. From a little research it sounds like they use premium oils and blends. Still, a bottle they make for $6 sells for $30 plus shipping.