Dollar Beard Club

Dollar Shave Club has met its nemesis



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Julie Delanoy — Design @ProductHunt with @wearetm 😻
I wish I had a beard.
Olivier El Mekki — maker
@syswarren I wish I was ok with the idea of perfume and brush mine :D
Greg Gilbert — Founder, Nerdy Makers
@oelmekki You should try. It also helps prevent skin irritations.
P.S: my profile pic is very outdated.
Alex Brown — Co-Founder,
@syswarren if you could grow one it may open up new income streams for you! Seriously though, we have had a ton of orders coming in from females lately...I assume they are for gifts though..
Alex Brown — Co-Founder,
@oelmekki Have you ever any beard oil or the boar bristle brush? Game changing!
Alex Brown — Co-Founder,
@gregoiregilbert So i assume you now have a beard?
Greg Gilbert — Founder, Nerdy Makers
@alextbrown you assume well. :) (and out of shipping range (Sweden))
Greg Gilbert — Founder, Nerdy Makers
@alextbrown Wanna try shipping samples over here? :)
:: lawson.baker :: — SynapsePay
@syswarren Ditto. At least your lack of beardness is acceptable. They won't let me within 100 feet of a Game of Thrones set.
Ethan Kravitz — CTO, Overnight
Great job capturing the spirit of the original video, and poking a little fun while they are at it. Is this a joke? A real product? A joke turned real product? A joke turned real product that gets sued for trademark infringement? It'd be just like Bang With Friends and Zynga, except this time for facial hair.
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@ethosventures seems like a real product/service. apparently they've raised investment and @ioren & @NoahJBorden are investors.
Justin Jarman — Co-Founder, Social Bet, Inc.
@_jacksmith its definitely a real product and service! I'm involved with the company. We're waiting on the CEO to get commenting access now, so he can answer all your guys' questions.
Alex Brown — Co-Founder,
@ethosventures Yes we are indeed a real service offering amazing products!
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