Docker powered mini-Heroku in around 100 lines of Bash

Felix Cheruiyot
  • Felix Cheruiyot
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    Easy SAAS apps deployment, increase productivity


    Few third party plugins

    Great for teams and developers who create and deploy more often.

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Dokku is great for splitting up a VPS for a couple of side projects (I used it on a Droplet from DigitalOcean to host a hubot, single page app and Sinatra app). I guess the renewed interest is in light of Heroku's rumoured price changes^ and Dokku could be a good alternative for light/personal use. It's not a Heroku alternative in the general case though. ^ Heroku is restricting the free tier to 12hrs/day:
We absolutely love Dokku at Blue Bay Travel. It makes deploying our internal applications so much easier - almost fun.