Free mobile-friendly online image editing πŸ“±

A free, fast, mobile-friendly, online image editor to quickly edit pictures. Use Doka.Photo to crop, flip, rotate, filter, colour adjust, resize, and add markup to your images.
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Hi! πŸ™Œ At the end of last year I launched a JavaScript image cropper called Doka.js. Since then I've been fixing bugs and adding new features slowly turning it from an image cropper into an image editor. Last week I figured it would make sense to set up a free online image editor service based on Doka.js. So I purchased Doka.Photo and published a page running a single Doka instance with all features enabled which you can use to freely edit your images. If you have any questions, let me know, happy to answer them. Enjoy! ✨
Doka is so fluid I thought it was a after effects video of the product. Since I don't have Photoshop installed anymore I added this to my bookmark bar in case I need to manipulate a photo.
@jankees_van_woezik Thanks Jankees, should be great for some quick editing!
Doka is a great product, I'm using Doka for simple editing of images and the documentation and support from @rikschennink is superb πŸ‘Œ
@erhankaradeniz Thanks for being on board Erhan, so glad to hear this :D
Love the smoothness, the snappy feeling and the features that Doka brings. πŸ”₯ This free online editing version is perfect for that quick edit and beats firing up Photoshop for those tedious small tasks when fixing me up another image for social media or to upload a new version for a mobile app project I'm working on. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
@eekayonline Hey! Perfect description and glad to hear it's useful to you πŸ™Œ
Look and works great! Congratulations on the launch. :)